The sequins and beads catch the light, they glitter and shine in endless rays of amazement! 

Fulfill your dance dreams!

Bra and top of skirt are covered in quality crystals and beads on a sequin and lace base

Skirl swirls and shimmers with your every move - breathtaking!  There is a very short zip fastening. Thre is no split and there are eight sequined lace inserts to the skirt.


Internal measurements of bra: .Horizontal = 8"      21 cms    Vertical = 7.5"   19 cms

Top of skirt:  34" - 39"   87 cms - 99 cms  (Skirt is elasticated all round. elastic can be removed for looser fit)


Length of Skirt:  41+ inches  106 cms


Size guide: UK 14  (check the measurement and please ask for any other information you may need)

Made in Egypt