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Download this amazing online interactive talk about THE MAGENCEY. You will a receive (via email within 24hrs) a link to a recording of the original talk, the slides to the talk, plus a link to the youtube playlist used in this talk.  This workshop will teach you all the tools, tips and mindset for making an amazing bellydance entrance - known as a Megency. You will learn about how Megency music works, the different elements of a Megency song and why they exist.  Also you will find out how to apply your bellydance technique to get the best out of your entrance. This is will be a CONCEPTS workshop/lecture. We will NOT be learning a choreography!!We will be doing lots of: listening to music, looking at video examples of openings from famous dancers, understanding history, analysis of a structure of a magencey and more!!  In this workshop Zara shares her top tips (from 18+ years of bellydance) on how to deliver a magencey, command the stage, set up for good show, gain audience attention and make the entrance of a lifetime!  The skills you learn in this workshop will serve you a lifetime in your dance!​Once purchased you will receive an email (within 24hrs)if you would like to pay by bank transfer email: Feedback from Megency Workshop:"It was brilliant! A mega thank you Zara for the workshop. Really feel as if I got my dancing mojo back" SD"More than amazing!!!!" SR"Thank you Zara for all the tips, good vibe and professional format!" AR"This was so amazing! I got so much information and it was so useful. Really more than amazing. More workshops please! !!" IB"Thanks for an amazing workshop! I am so happy to have attended!" AD"It was fab! I learnt a lot and it made me want to go back to Cairo so much!" ZC

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