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Zara The Album. Download



I am so excited to introduce to you my new Bellydance Album: Zara.


This Album is packed full of great songs to get you shimmying. LISTEN TO SONGS IN VIDEO ABOVE


All the songs are made with you in mind, bringing together Zara's 20 years experiance of profesinal dancing. Zara has some of Cairo's TOP singers and mucians fearuring on the album.


The album also comes with a fun booklet, telling the story of how the songs came to light, the musians and singers it features and why it's on the album. PLUS English translations of all the songs are included so you can get a really deep understanding of the songs.


The album includes 10 songs, covering a range of styles.


1. El Halawa Zara, Majency 05:35 / 04:51

Original, Sung by Hamdy Salama


2. Sawah 05:44

Classical, Remake, Sung by Hamdy Salama

Produced By Mohamed Reda


3. Sina Sina 04:05

Pop, Original, Sung by Ahmed

Produced By Mohamed Reda


4. El Eskandrany 04:35 / 03:42

Alexandrian, Remake, Sung by Hoda Sunbati

Produced By Mohamed Reda


5. Zara Ya Zara 03:49

Pop Baladi, Original, Sung by Hamdy Salama


6. Saidi Cocktail 06:24

Saidi, Original Mix, Sung by Moataz Mustafa

Produced By Mohamed Reda


7. Zahma 04:04

Classical Shabbi, Remake, Sung by Shehab El Amir

Produced By Ramzy’s Orchestra


8. Kamanana 03:14

Baladi Pop, Remake, Sung by Moataz Mustafa and Zara

Produced By Mohamed Reda


9. Akdeb 3alek? 03:43

Classical, Remake, Sung by Hoda Sunbati

Produced by Mohamed Reda


10. Zara & Tamer’s Tabla Solo 03:32

Tabla Solo, Original, By Tamer

Produced by Mohamed Reda

Zara The Album. Download


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