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Why every bellydancer should own a red dance costume

So it is Valentine’s Day and no matter how much I insist to any restaurants owner that a bellydancer may not be the most appropriate form of entertainment to put on for loving couples the gigs roll in – but hey they know best! And I get paid regardless  WOOP WOOP.

So how better to get me through dancing for romantic couples, where the men have to ensure the look only at their date and dinner and the women keep a watchful eye on them to make sure they don’t check out the bellydancer, than treating myself to a new costumes from Zara’s Zouk…. And why not stay in theme and make it a RED COSTUME! 

But there are more reasons for owning a red costume than the Valentine's Day Gigs.....

Did you know....

Wearing Red - isn't the same as wearing any other colour?

Countless amounts of research has shown that wearing red makes BOTH men and women more attractive to potential partners...

Studies suggest it makes the individual come across more sexy, warm and approachable. With women more likely to choose to wear red whilst at their most fertile - it is nature's colour of LOVE. 

Not only is red attractive - it is also a colour for the powerful and successful. It's a dominating colour which, if worn can lead to an increased chance of promotion at work and studies showed that in sports competitions an there is an increased chance of you winning if your kit is red!

SO GET ON TO ZARA'S ZOUK and check out all of our red costumes, dresses, bra and belts, skirts, belts and more...


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